Ketharaman Swaminathan

Ketharaman Swaminathan

Founder and CEO at GTM360 Marketing Solutions
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Bio As Founder and CEO, S. Ketharaman provides overall direction and leadership toward setting and achievement of GTM360's goals and objectives. Career History S. Ketharaman has a unique combination of Information Technology products and services experience resulting from his professional career spanning over two decades at leading technology companies like Fujitsu, Oracle, Ramco and Wipro. More at



Ten Revolutionary Things About AI - Part 1

08 May 2024

Artificial intelligence is promising to disrupt a wide array of legacy practices. - Dan Primack, Axios PRO Rata. Based on my firsthand experience with the AI tsunami over the past 9-10 months, I can wholeheartedly get behind the above prediction. In fact, I've already noticed 10 revolutionary things aka gamechangers about ChatGPT and other GenAI p...


My Two Cents On PayTM Kerfuffle

08 Feb 2024

PayTM is the first digital payment product I've used at scale in India. When RBI enforced the two factor authentication mandate for online payments, bill payments became a major PITA. By requiring users to fill credit card number, expiration date, and half a dozen fields, Reg 2FA caused tremendous friction. After they received the OTP, entered it ...


Why ChatGPT Won't Kill Coders

25 Jan 2024

In Will ChatGPT Kill Coders?, we examined many demand suppressors that threatened to kill coders' jobs. We also alluded to DEMAND STIMULANTS, which work as counterweights by boosting demand for coders. In this post, we will do a deep dive into Demand Stimulants. Comprising new computing paradigms and markets, demand stimulants not only arrest the ...


How AI Can Take Readability Of Bills And Statements To The Next Level

10 Jan 2024

In Bills And Statements Are Hard To Decipher, we noted that it was very hard to read bills and statements from banks, ecommerce companies, retailers and other industries. We took two examples and did a deep dive to understand the full extent of the indecipherability problem: Ecommerce Bill Bank Statement In this post, we will examine the root c...

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