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Penny Townsend

Penny Townsend

Co-Founder & CPO at Qualpay
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The Payments Business

Unveiling the Power of Interchange Optimization for ISVs

15 h

In the fast-paced landscape of today’s industries, particularly within the technology sector, efficiency and streamlining operations are imperative. Every aspect of operations, including financial transactions, plays a crucial role in the success of anyone in the IT world, from developers to ISVs. ISVs, in particular, have an opportunity to take a...

The Payments Business

Checkout Payments Pages - They're Definitely Worth Checking Out

26 Oct 2023

When it comes to designing your website, it's crucial that you make your checkout page as convenient, simple, and seamless to navigate as possible for your customers. After all, the checkout page is where the rubber meets the road, you might say. That is, it's where customers ultimately decide to buy what you are selling. There are two types of ch...



Adding a surcharge fee: How to identify and capture untapped revenue

03 Oct 2023

Over the last five years there has been a significant shift to digital across all business processes, not least accelerated by a global pandemic. The rollout across businesses and merchants is often piecemeal, different departments lead while other functions lag. Payments is often one area of the business that perpetually lags. In fact, 64% of the...



Tackling PayFac: 3 Questions all ISVs and Developers Must Ask Themselves

10 May 2023

As the broader economic landscape continues to challenge organizations and enterprises of all sizes, ISVs and developers must consider where there may be blindspots in their software. What are the opportunities that they’re missing? Where might they be losing out on key revenue-building opportunities? For many, a monetizing payments integration i...