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This is for discussion and sharing of views on trends, practices and views in analytics in banking and financial industry

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Sushama Divekar

Think Data Governance before you think AI

Artificial Intelligence is “the” word in the data world. It’s a concept that will shape the organisations of the future. For the better. It’s like a magic word, that assures promises of hyper personal...

30 Apr 2024
Joe Rodriguez

How can data analytics impact decision-making in the fintech industry?

Data has become an essential driver for new monetisation initiatives in the fintech industry. Vast amounts of data are collected from customers, transactions, and market movements, among other sources...

13 Mar 2024
Vikram Kaul

Data strategy in the age of GenAI

The new age of Gen AI is likely to bring about several changes in the way we approach Data Strategy. Data strategists will have to incorporate new Gen AI powered opportunities and reshape their views ...

04 Oct 2023
Dmitriy Wolkenstein

The Crucial Role of Experimentation and Testing in Today's Competitive Banking Landscape

Hi all, Nice to see you again. In this topic, we would like to continue with an exploration of the problem and potential solutions to improve loan portfolio analytics. Introduction In today’s high-st...

04 Oct 2023
Rajeev Verma

Process Transformation through Process Mining in Mortgage Industry

Process Transformation through Process Mining in Mortgage Industry The key driver for the growth in the mortgage industry is customer satisfaction fueled by faster service and competitive time to mark...

28 Sep 2023
Rajeev Verma

Aspects of MLOps on Cloud

Aspects of MLOps on Cloud Focus on Retail Banking by: Rajeev Verma I. Introduction Over the last 5 years, the adoption of cloud-enabled computing in the banking industry has gained trac

07 Sep 2023
Sushama Divekar

Chief Data Literacy Officer (CDLO) – the new champion in the data world

The Chief Data Literacy Officer is not yet a role in the Data Management organization but must be – very soon. While the role of the Chief Data Officer has not completely been recognized or manned in ...

17 Aug 2023
Sushama Divekar

Data as a Product – the foundational pillar for the new-gen Data Mesh Architecture

In our previous article, Beyond the monolithic era- Data as a Product ( we had touched upon the new concept, D...

30 Jun 2023
Retired Member

From Black Swans to Brighter Futures: FIs Ride with Data/AI & Cloud to take control of Risks &am

Black Swan events happen rarely, BUT it gives a tremendous opportunity to reinvent to create brighter futures – only if the business is proactive to handle. One way FIs can prepare is by digitaltran

02 May 2023
Retired Member

Into the Matrix - AI to rescue banks?

AI is skyrocketing (again) while the panic is all around in the Financial Services Industry God knows what the next economic storm is going to be; along with the rise of digital banking, and the in

28 Mar 2023

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