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Majority of UK believes flexible working boosts productivity

17 May 2024

Flexible working has taken a bit of a hit recently across the financial and tech sectors, as company after company rolls back on pandemic era remote-working policies. Dell’s CEO Michael Dell raved about remote in 2022, saying that it was “the future of work”. He had a change of heart recently, announcing that the company will pass over remote emplo...

How to develop green skills

26 Apr 2024

Last year, 39% of UK residents said they were “very concerned” about the effects of climate change, with another 43% indicating that they were “fairly concerned”. Just 4% said they weren't at all concerned, according to the DESNZ Public Attitudes Tracker. The figures also show that those who are the most worried tend to be in the over-65 bracket (...

How to spot a toxic workplace

01 Sep 2023

Toxic as a term has been creeping into the lexicon for a number of years. From toxic relationships to masculinity, friendships, family and more; in 2018, Oxford Dictionaries chose it as its international word of the year. The reason toxic came out on top was less to do with numbers and more to do with the variety of contexts to which it was being a...

The most AI-ready UK cities for your job hunt

04 Aug 2023

With interest in generative AI exploding–– trends site Exploding Topics reports a 1,143% increase in search interest in “AI voice generator” and a 268% increase in searches for “AI coach”––the technology has moved out of the realm of tech-savvy early adopters. So much so that recent research from CybSafe found that 52% of UK office workers have ent...